Friday, 2 August 2013

This week's smiles....week 29

Oh how you all made me laugh last week with the fab slogans for the photo I shared.  Thank you to each and every one of you for joining in.  Of course there had to be a winner and I have to say this one really made me chuckle because of the events that had gone on earlier in the week.

My good friend Annette had sent me the instructions to make a little folding book like the one she had sent me all the way from Australia.  The instructions came by email first so, me being me, thought I'd have a go to follow them.  I can honestly say I've not laughed so much for a long time.  I really couldn't make what I was making look anything like a book....or even a part of it.  It took a session on facebook, in what little time two friends can have during one day when they live on opposite sides of the world, carefully following Annette's stage by stage instructions for the penny to eventually drop and I got it right.  So much laughter was shared that day.

This was Annette's slogan for my Friday's smile photo....

....and trust me when I say Annette really didn't know just how near to the truth that was :-)
There will be a little surprise heading Annette's way for making me chuckle....of course it may take a little while to get there with her being so far away!!!

This week my funny comes with a little tale too.......

Shell said she had noticed someone had been taking photos with their ipad.  We are thinking of contacting crime watch for the culprits......

Does anyone know of two little fair haired with curly hair and the other with straight hair?

Modern technology really doesn't phase little ones does it?  They choose what they want to do on the ipad and know how to enlarge etc at such a little age but I have to say they really have caused so many giggles at this photo.

Thanks for dropping by this week.  Please snap something that has made you smile this week and share it by linking it below.

Annie x


  1. Oh Annie, those little monkeys! I do hope you're keeping all these photos to scrap book at some point :) Did I just hear a thud as you fainted at the thought?

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. Oh, that's brilliant! Cheeky beans!

  3. Oh I love it! Do you think they actually knew that the camera was on? My goodness they are fearless aren't they! Definitely one for the album!

  4. Brilliant! Yes I am sure they knew what they were doing - just haven't quite mastered the technique. x Jo

  5. What a perfect slogan ...that should be a poster in your workroom.

    I marvel at what the young ones can do with technology ....especially as I am a dunce. Kris is so confident and yet we have only just let him use 'grown up' gadgets ... .....well we had to give in ...all his peers are experts at 6 !!!!! xx

  6. LOL... I think that photo needs framing and putting on your sewing/scrap room wall!
    Just love the photo of the two blondes up to mischief... what a classic that is!

  7. That photo definitely has to be blown up to the size of a poster for your craft room ... you'll chuckle every time it catches your eye. And the other photo is one for the album ... the wee imps ... how do their parents keep up with them :)) Elizabeth xx

  8. Annie this post has to be up there as one of the best!! those twinnigans are sooo funny indeedy and sorry not linking not blogging much not the best love Shazx

  9. Those two are a real bundle of laughs aren't they. They amaze me with their grasp of technology these days. But it is better than when we had our first computer, which fortunately dad knew how to use. So many of our boys' friends had computers that Christmas and they just sat around doing nothing because no-one in the house knew where to start! Now the children teach their parents!
    The slogan on the photo is just perfect! Kate x

  10. I had NO idea you were doing this "Friday Smiles." I now must make time for it. I love your darling photos, too!

    I remember when I first started using a computer, back in the mid-80s. I was still an undergrad, but I felt so empowered. Then I realized they were teaching computing in schools (LIKE middle and high schools). That's when they seem to learn the fastest, but I see yours have already taken to the latest technology quite readily, too.

  11. Hi Annie, I seem to have got myself into a bit of a pickle this week! I realised that I had forgotten to link to your blog, went back and couldn't find my comment to you OR the linky thing (and your post seemed to have changes and have less linkers!!)so goodness knows what I've done, hope it hasn't caused any probs!! All I can say about that picture is what BEAUTIFUL hair!! XX

  12. I here Annie! Thank you for reminding me! Love those curls!!

  13. Oh Annie you certainly made me smile, I bet it was a lovely shock when you found some additional pictures on your ipad :-). I so wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you was doing the book, I have to admit I have had a few of those, especially when I get so mad and flustered, then the other half walks in, tells me it's upside down and end up in fits of giggles lol. Hugs Kezzy xxxx

  14. Fab slogan! Love the time two!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  15. Sorry should have said TINY two. Sorry.
    Neet xx


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