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Friday, 13 June 2014

This week's smiles....week 73

I had so many joining in this last week that I've struggles to choose one blog to feature today but as I'm sat here on a scorcher of a day what I could really do with is what Caro had on her post....a water slide!!! so that's what I'm featuring today.  I'd just love a go down it if only my knees were up to it ;-)

I have struggled even more to decide what I should share with you that has made me smile this week as there has been so many so I'm sharing a few pics today...

I understand there is football featuring in the lives of many at the mo and have a feeling England will be looking for all the help they can get so we thought Sam just might offer his services. :-)

Lexi would prefer the life of a princess at the mo and can often be found in her dressing up ball gown and tiara :-)

It's been a special week for little Lulu this week with her first trial day at school....she looks too small to be going yet don't you think?  Big sister, Phoebe was there to watch over her :-)

As the song goes...'One more step along the road....'  She was full of confidence and loved it thankfully to the point when her teacher greeted her with 'Hello Louise' she replied.....'I like to be called Lulu!'. [She knows what she likes!]   :-)

And if none of those made you smile then please help yourselves to one of the first picking of strawberries from the garden....only joking of course cos we have eaten them!! yum yum.

The only one of my little grandies who hasn't featured today is little Steve.  He's had a week of being in the wars. Having gone head first down the front step here when visiting us and face planting on the gravel and then two days later he's fallen over at home and grazed his elbow!!  Guess it's the age of the beast but as you can see he can still manage one of his gorgeous smiles even then! :-)

So folks those are some of my happy moments of this last week.  Please share yours by linking them up below and I will be over to see what you've been up to this week.

Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hate to tell you this Annie, but that ROUND white ball with the black pentagons is used for SOCCER. Football is that oblong brown ball that looks like an eye (Grin).

Loved how all the kids looked this week. Play is always good. And Lulu DOES look small. It's hard to believe she is of school age. She's a real cutie, though.

Since you asked to see what I made using the printer inks, I showed the finished piece and left a link that shows how I made it.

Have an awesome Friday and weekend.

mamapez5 said...

I'm with Lexi. I am keeping as far away from 'Football madness' as I can, but boys will be boys. Little Stevie doesn't look to upset, in fact I think he is quite proud of his war-wounds. What a lovely smile. I hope Lulu enjoys her first term of school. Kate x

Hettie said...

Don't you just hate it when Blogger says "oops"!
Thankfully Mr Hettie is not a footie fan so no footie in our house! Yeay. He is already fed up of the hype in work!
Poor Steve - I recognise his traits. I should have been a boy!
Lulu looks so cute. Glad she likes it as my friend's daughter hates it.

Mrs.D said...

We have never had football in our house, two girls who were clearly not footie fans and a hubby who certainly wasn't.
But your grandsons are clearly going to make sure you know that the world cup is on.
They are all gorgeous, both boys and girls.

MaggieC said...

Glad you liked that one, Annie. I didn't think I was going to post this week and then I found that gem and just had to share. Your photos are beautiful and the strawberries are so tempting. I hope you really enjoyed them. xx Maggie

cockney blonde said...

Beautiful grandchildren, x

Caro said...

What gorgeous photos of your grandees! I love the contrasts between them all and Steve looks very proud of his war wounds. I have to agree though, compared to her big sister, Lulu looks very small to be going to school. So glad she enjoyed it. Thanks for the smiles. Caro x (#8)

Twiglet said...

They make your heart melt - love them all!! x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

A little late with connecting, left early AM Friday for the game and Mr. Linky didn't want my info. Love the fun photos you have. These grandkids are always so full of fun things to do !!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, just catching up and realised that I hadn't left a comment on your lovely post. Love the photos of your grandchildren - they are as adorable as ever, even the accident prone Steve :) And I have to applaud Lulu for sticking to her guns by insisting she is called by her preferred name - and why not? Lulu is a lovely name :) Thanks for another week of Friday Smiles. Elizabeth xx