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Friday, 20 January 2017

This week's smiles....week 204

Hello all.  Hope you all had a week full of smiles or at the very least have a few smiles you can focus on to get you through the harder times.  Firstly I must say thanks to all who joined in the fun last week.  It's so lovely to see a little of your world and what makes you each smile.

I have a few of my smiles to share with you....

Yes it's snowed here this week.....just a little sprinkling.  Enough to look pretty but not enough to hang around for long. 

Here's the twins all dressed up in their hats, scarves and gloves to play in what little snow had fallen on their drive and if you look on the ground between them you can see the three tiny snowmen they managed to make before going to school.

The other pic I'm sharing is the love of the little cousins for each other.....Lulu really loves little Theo as you can see......it never fails to make me smile.

When he's such a happy baby what's not to love?  I bet you're smiling now too. :-)


For those that like to see what I've been 'playing' with in my sewing room here's a pic of the latest little peg dolls I've made....a set of flower fairies.  As you can see I've stocked up on glue since my Wednesday WOYWW post....and now have rather a lot all over my fingers from all the fiddly gluing and snipping. :-)

That's my smiles for this week folks.  Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called by and if you can please then link up your own smiles below and lets see if we can make this world a happier place to be.
Annie x

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


How these weeks fly by lately. There are never two days the same here and this week I'm sharing the same desk as always but with something very different on it today....

Before Christmas I ordered some new wooden peg dolls to decorate for the grandchildren to play with here. On Monday I got them out and painted the faces ready to clothe them but I remembered I had used all my fabric glue so couldn't dress them with fabric so for a change I atacked them with my acrylic paints.
I decided to make three different sets so all could enjoy them.....

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet.

A set of Disney Princesses.

And a few superheros.  I hope there are some you might recognise amongst them....I know some special little people in my life that will know if they are painted right.

Hope you like my desk with a difference this week.
Annie x

Friday, 13 January 2017

This week's smiles...week 203

Here we are at another round up of the week's smiles.  Many thanks to those who joined in the fun last week.....I really do appreciate all the effort.

For those that read my blog on Wednesday you will know that it's been one of those week of trials for me....the repairs on my overlocker are now done but what was quoted to me as £89 ended up being £113!!! [another £50 and I could have bought a new machine!!] and several of my other machines seemed to have it in for me too....
  • one refused to sew at one point
  • kept breaking the thread 
  • I broke 2 needles while shortening a pair of jeans and
  •  it even chewed up the thread while I was winding a bobbin!!! 
so I did contemplate hybernation at one point. 😁😁😁😁

It's for weeks like this that focussing on the smiles works like a tonic and I have lots to smile about....I'm alive for one 😀😀😀😀😀 So here's a few of my smiles so you can share them too...

Phoebe, Lulu, Sam and Lexi have swimming lessons and they seem to have brought back the rule to wear swimming caps.  We used to have to wear them when I was a child and it really made me chuckle this week when they sent pics to me of them trying them out.  I remember just how tricky it was to get them in place and as you can see it takes a little practise to get it right.

We really enjoyed watching the animal cameras on Spy in the Wild on BBC1 last night and had a good chuckle at Milly's interest too.

For those that saw the fabrics I was playing with on Wednesday I am sharing the, now finished cover I've made for my new diary.  I really enjoyed creating the crazy patchwork and machine embroidered to quilt it before finishing the cover.....and of course I'm now smiling at it every time I use it.

I hope you've enjoyed my catch up of smiles and will leave me a little comment before linking your smiles too.
Annie x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Here we are at another Wednesday catch up with our creative friends around the world who expose their crafting spaces to us and share the wonderful creations they have been up to in the last week....if you want to know more and maybe join in the fun [go on....you know you want to  😀] then pop over to The Stamping Ground to find out how....we are all very friendly and don't bite....often!

Monday was one of those days for me. 
  • Whilst making a Dr's bag for the twins I very stupidly decided I could overlock all the seams inside but as I had added pockets there were lots of layers of fabric and I ended up with a fabric jam in my overlocker and knocked the timing out!!!....so said overlocker is now in being repaired....the bill will be £89!....an expensive lesson learnt [til the next time!].  
  • On getting my machine ready to go in for repair I realised my hubby had fitted the flex to it down the back of my work surface for me so I couldn't get it out!....bless him he came home from work and pulled the cupboards out to get it for me.
  • As I couldn't get the flex out I thought maybe one of my other machines might have the same fixings but when I came to look the flex off my embellisher was missing!.....said flex has now been found out in the shed! [don't ask me why? lol]
  • As I no longer use my industrial sewing machine I put it on Ebay last week and it sold ....but the buyer has failed to pay for it so we have had to open up an unpaid case for it with Ebay!....as I said it was one of those days.......but I'm still smiling. 😀
So, what's on my desk today?.....

 I decided that I needed a lift to the spirits so I've done what makes me smile the most....I've tipped out all my yummiest fabrics [most still at the 'stroking only' stage] and have decided to make a cover for my new diary using crazy patchwork.  You can see I have been sorting a few into colour combinations to give me inspiration. Here is the selection I chose to use and a little crazy patchwork in the making....such scrummy colours don't you think?

Thanks for calling by today.  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called by and I will do my best to pay you a return visit soon.
Annie x

Friday, 6 January 2017

This week's smiles....week 202

Another week has flown past and I'm grabbing a few minutes from a very busy day to type this post up so I will say thank you to all who joined in last week and just quickly share a few smiles and add Mr Linky at the bottom on the page.....I've had a really lovely day catching up with my crafty buddy Jacquie today and we were joined by that big sister of mine this afternoon [Tues] so will make no apologies for being brief.....life is to be enjoyed and trust me when I say we have done a lot of smiling to all be together today.

For Christmas we bought the five older grandchildren something creative/crafty each and here are the pics to show you that they all enjoyed their gifts....and seeing them all using their time well never fails to make me smile....

Phoebe had a sewing kit to make little hearts in fabrics and decorate them with bows and buttons and you can see she is proudly showing off the first she completed.

Lulu had some plastic canvasses to do cross stitch on and here she is proudly showing the picture she made with the first one.

Steve and Sam had kits about dinosaurs and both really enjoyed excavating their own dinosaurs from a block of plaster

Lexi had a craft kit with adult colouring books and art materials in it and she has had lots of fun using it all....children's colouring books are just too easy for this one, she loves really complex pages when it comes to colouring.

As you can imagine I get a lot of pleasure seeing my grandchildren being creative and I hope they have made you smile too.  Thanks for calling by.  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and if you can then please link up your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Here we are at the first WOYWW of 2017 and I must first wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope we can all enjoy many more link-ups during the next year.  Wednesdays are one of my best days of the week....because I love seeing what you all do each week.

So? What's on my desk today?

I started off my creative new year with a new project I'm working on.  My memory bears have proved very popular and I have had enquiries about making some memory cushions so out came my fabrics to make a few up as ideas...and to see how long they would take for costing etc.

First one I made is from a man's shirt with a pocket on the front to hold a remote control.

Next was made with a lady in mind.  I've mastered printing on fabric now so can add a sentiment to the front of each cushion.

The next was made using some babygro fabrics to remember a little girl when she was very tiny.

I've really loved making all three cushions and have already had a lot of interest with orders so fingers crossed they will sell well.

That's all I am sharing for this week.  Please leave me a little message to tell me what you think and I will pop over to yours as soon as I'm able to check out your desks.
Annie x

Friday, 30 December 2016

This week's smiles...week 201

Phew....another week has passed....and what a week eh?

Many thanks to all who joined in last week....I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to link up your smiles.  I know it does me good to spend some time focusing on the happy times in the week so hope you all feel the benefits too.  I guess it's the age I'm at now but I  have lost many friends and family members lately [two more this week!] so time spent thinking about the good things is what gets me through the sad times.

I have a few smiles to share this week....

Shell enjoying Christmas morning with the twins.....as she said 'what more could she ask for?'

Big Pud with his little pud enjoying a book.

Steve digging up a dinosaur fossil....making a mess and having the time of his life [and yes it was part of his Christmas present from us].  :-)

Our newest family member, Theo in some of his Christmas outfits.....he's such a cutie.

Our 'family together' celebrations on 27th....I just love it when we can be together [sorry you couldn't join us Shell but glad you enjoyed your pantomime].

That's some of my smiles from this week.  Hope they have made you smile too and you will now link up your own smiles below.

A very happy New Year to you all and here's to linking up many more smiles in 2017.
Annie x

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

WOYWW...and a catch up of my Christmas makes

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now ready to see in a New Year.  2016 has been a difficult year of losing many good friends and close family members so I'm really looking forward to closing the door on 2016 and starting fresh in 2017....hold close those you love and tell them you love them often.

So? You are here to see what's on my desk are you?  Well, I only have clutter on my desk today and no sewing has gone on since last week so I have decided to do a round up on all the sewing/making I did leading up to Christmas that I can now share with you......be warned it is picture heavy so I will understand if you don't reach the end and will now wish you all a very Happy New Year before I start.


A fabric book and it's pages that I made for little Theo.

Two dolly 'baby carriers' I made for the twins.

A little rabbit in dungarees I knit for little Theo.

Two different table centres I made as gifts....the one is adapted from a pattern Jozarty shared with us.

The Sylvanians are modelling some of the clothes I made for both Shell and Amy's families.....I filled a little three drawered chest with clothes for each family....dresses, trousers, shirts, knitted gilets and knitted hats.

Plus made 5 teepees for the Sylvanians to go camping in....and I made two sleeping bags for each tent.  :-)

And last but my no means least these are the three Christmas cards I made for out family.....made in felt, stitched and beaded.

So there you are.....as you can see I kept busy here and I know each is loved and will be played with/treasured for many years so that makes all the hard work so worth it.  I hope you enjoyed my catch up.

Here's to a very Happy New Year ahead of us with lots more linking up, fun and friendship in 2017.
Annie x